The Job Seeker's toolkit

Whether you are after expert industry insight, interview advice or tips on how to get a foot in the door; this should be your first port of call. Here you'll find loads of great videos from some of our top clients, candidates and consultants offering all of the aforementioned and more.

We have some great advice pieces on our Major Blog.  If you have a question contact one of our consultants or tweet @MajorplayerJobs

Advice Videos

How to write a killer CV

Kate Bergman shares her top tips on how to write that killer CV.

How to get the best our of your consultant

Rosa Rolo explains how you can get the most out of your consultant at Major Players.

How to present yourself on social media

Dave Newman gives us his top tips on how to present yourself on social media when looking for a new job.

Creative portfolio tips

Creative and Design manager Rosie Black shares her top tips for creatives and designers.

Top 5 interview tips

Ryan Farrell shares his top interview tip and all the advice he gives his candidates when looking for a job.

Moving agnecy to client-side

Raoul shares his top tips for moving from agency to clientside roles in marketing and communications.

What makes a good freelancer

Sam Strivens lets you know what he thinks makes the best freelancer. 

How to secure the right role in creative services

Ben Humphries teaches you how to secure your next project management role.