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Future of Work 2024

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We find ourselves in the midst of an unparalleled transformation in our work culture and environment. The past few years have been marked by tectonic shifts in the world of work, fuelled by persistent economic uncertainties, global unrest and the swift pace of technological progress.

How we work, the importance of work in our lives, and even what we mean by work are all being transformed at a pace that feels unmanageable.

From the cost-of-living crisis and inflation to talent shortages and AI, businesses are required to adapt and respond to intricate scenarios that are interlinked and rapidly evolving.

Luckily, the most comprehensive report on the Future of Work within the creative, digital and tech industries is here to help. Providing key insights and actionable advice into:

Skills & Talent Shortages – How almost 1/3 of businesses are concerned they cannot recruit individuals with the necessary skills and/or their current workforce don’t possess the skills needed for the world of tomorrow.

Internal Mobility – How business leaders understand the importance of retaining talent, but almost half of businesses only fill 10% of their roles internally while 24% don’t have any form of learning & development program.

Digital Transformation & AI – How businesses are lagging behind in the race to implement AI, with only 17% of companies feeling fully prepared for the rise of AI.

DE&I – How more needs to be done to promote diversity, ethnicity and inclusion with almost half of businesses not having a designated DE&I budget despite favourably rating their efforts.

In this rapidly changing world, business leaders need to provide a clear vision – one that focusses upon transparency, succession planning and calculated risk, allowing people to take on new and augmented roles, and vitally, creates a compelling people experience.

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