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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Building diverse workforces

As the UK’s leading talent agency, we have a responsibility to positively impact the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of the industries we service.

We partner with our clients to create recruitment processes that will improve DE&I to create impactful change within their organisations.

Utilising our support network

Over the years we have nurtured a number of key networks and partnerships, forming an organic support system that helps us to highlight and address DE&I within the industry. Through us, our clients can tap into the wealth of knowledge and talent within those networks, to enable a more diverse and representative workforce.

Creating ‘long list’ quotas

We recognise that talent pools in some areas may not be as diverse as we would like and it can be difficult to find diverse candidate representation. We offer a long list service that allows us to provide you with candidates who will have transferable skills, stepping up or looking to get back into the industry.

Embracing Earn Your Worth

Our Earn Your Worth initiative launched in 2017 with the aim of ending the gender pay gap through bias-free hiring. We do not request candidate’s current salaries before or during the interview process thus allowing candidates to represent their worth to potential employers.

By 2022, we aim to present a petition to government to ensure all salary information is removed from the hiring process, ensuring candidates earn their worth.

Click here to find out more and to sign the Earn Your Worth pledge.

Utilising diverse job boards

This year Major Players will spend 30% of our advertising budget on job boards and advertising aimed at increasing the diversity of our talent pool across gender, disability, sexuality, age and race.

Collecting and analysing our data to drive policy and change

We endeavour to collect diversity data on all of our candidates enabling us to clearly identify disparities highlighted in our talent pools and act upon them. This will also allow us to identify diverse talent.

Delivering unconscious bias training to minimise bias

We recognise that bias starts at the point of candidate application, to address this, all of our talent partners receive ongoing unconscious bias training.

15% of our business are qualified to deliver Unconscious Bias Training to continue to support Major Players and also deliver the training externally to our clients.

Implementing blinds CV campaigns to maximise diverse workforces

We support our client partners with Blind CV recruitment campaigns – removing data such as names and education and background enabling a more unbiased approach.

Utilising psychometric testing

We provide cutting-edge psychometric testing as part of our recruitment process, offering accurate data on candidate’s motivations and personality traits. This allows a completely unbiased assessment of a candidate’s suitability for a role.

To discuss your diversity, equity and inclusion needs, or if you’d like additional support or advice, then please contact us.

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At Major Players, inclusion, collaboration and accountability are three of our core values.

Whilst we recognise we have more work to do to advance diversity and inclusion, we are fully committed to building an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees.

We will strive to achieve this in the following ways:

Recruitment & Sourcing

We continually review our internal hiring processes to fairly evaluate candidates without bias through company-wide unconscious bias training. We have also developed our policies and benefits to attract a diverse mix of candidates and employees while regularly reviewing our advertising strategy to ensure we continue to attract a diverse pool of applicants.


We provide our new hires with a supportive starter induction, including introductions to relevant policies and processes; and undergoing unconscious bias training from the start. Our new hires also receive regular check-ins from across the business as well as additional support requirements i.e. mental wellbeing, or other disability support etc. Furthermore, we collate new starter feedback to continually evaluate and improve our practises and procedures.

L&D Support

Our senior leadership and management team attend regular DE&I training, focussing on conceptual frameworks to implement across the business, ensuring education is provided company-wide. We provide equal access to training, development and promotional opportunities for all employees, ingraining inclusivity as a core competency. We also operate a company-wide mentorship scheme to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Our communications plan places DE&I at the centre, establishing core values that are disseminated and understood throughout the business. We have established internal ‘Affinity Groups’ who directly shape and influence our business moving forward, recently helping to develop our DE&I Statement, along with other policies we that continue to support our diverse workforce including anti-discrimination and zero tolerance checklists.

We also publish regular staff surveys as well as hosting a wide variety of inclusive events including RAOK, Inclusion Week and educational workshops.

Benefits & Compensation

We continue to develop our benefits and compensation schemes to support a healthy work/life balance; creating flexible packages, tailored to individual lifestyles. We provide our employees with an unlimited holiday policy, enhanced maternity, paternity and parental leave, in addition to charity support and CSR.


For all leavers, we offer a fair and unbiased exit interview process with feedback shared with our board and MD to ensure we continue to develop our business in the right way.


We have ensured our Central London office is accessible for all, with ramps, lifts and equipment for those with needs and requirements.

Disability Confident Employer

We are a Disability Confident Committed Employer which ensures our recruitment processes are robust, inclusive and accessible; we provide an environment which is accessible for all, with ramps, lifts and equipment for those with needs and requirements; and also provide ongoing support to all employees.

The above is not exhaustive and always in review to ensure that we continue to build an inclusive and representative environment that we can be proud of. If you’d like to find out more about our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, then please get in touch with us via the below.

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