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DE&I Statement

Authentically Different

At Major Players we strongly believe in being our true, authentic selves and owning our differences. We become more resilient and courageous when we embrace who we truly are and our lived experiences; and we use our vulnerability as a strength, empowering us to foster better connections and relationships with one another. 

We whole heartedly believe that our people should be adding to our culture, not fitting into it; and we actively encourage an open, collaborative, and engaging environment that promotes diversity of thought and free thinking. 

By talking about, and authentically celebrating our differences, we enrich those around us and our communities. Our journey of learning and discovery is infinite, and we are committed to continuing to learn, progress and champion one another.

Our Inclusion Council

In our commitment to building a more inclusive, open and collaborative business, we have formed an inclusion council. 

The aim of the council is to ensure that our journey of learning and discovery is not only continuous, but focused, with our people and business at the centre. 

Meet our Inclusion Council members below.

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