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Introducing.. The Majar Inclusion Council

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​At Major Players, we strongly believe in being our true, authentic selves and owning our differences. We hope that by building and engaging in an environment that celebrates authenticity, we enrich those around us and our communities. We also understand that as the UK’s leading talent agency, we have a responsibility to positively impact diversity, equity and inclusion of the industries we service.  As part of this mission, we founded our Inclusion Council.

Launched officially in January of this year, the purpose of our council is to work together to ensure that our journey of learning and discovery is not only continuous, but focused, with our people and business at the center. Learning from each other and our lived experiences, our aim is to further our goals and aspirations, embedding best practice to create a more equitable future for those within our group and for all those that we impact.  

In the past year, our focused strategy has spanned across internal and external operations, revamping our structured DEI training offering, implementing new processes for observances, celebrations and significant dates and investing more time and resources into how we can utilise our expertise to support today’s world of talent on both candidate and client fronts. In conjunction, we’re ensuring we utilize the key networks and partnerships we have developed with our clients to ensure we maintain recruitment processes that will improve DE&I efforts to create impactful change within their organisations.

We whole heartedly believe that our people should be adding to our culture, not fitting into it; and we actively encourage an open, collaborative, and engaging environment that promotes diversity of thought and free thinking. As a business that thrives on the many diverse lived experiences that make up our team, we are incredibly lucky to have some of these voices in our council,

To learn more about our commitments to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a business, click here. Read our full DE&I Statement here.