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Amsterdam Jobs For English Speakers

The Top 5 Amsterdam Jobs for English Speakers

​While working in Amsterdam is a highly desirable prospect for many, language barriers often put people off pursuing job opportunities there. The fact is that there are plenty of high-paying, highl...

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Soft Skills2

Why Soft Skills Matter In The Creative Industries

​In an era of unprecedented change and innovation, businesses are recognising the undeniable value of soft skills. These interpersonal and social abilities, while often intangible, prove to be imme...

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Amsterdam Jobs: Navigating the Dutch Job Market

​Amsterdam has quickly become one of the world's top destinations for young, hungry, innovative professionals to pursue creative careers in the marketing, tech, and product spaces. With ground-brea...

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How to Pick Recruitment Agencies in Amsterdam

​You're not alone if you're looking to capitalise on Amsterdam's booming job market. It's a popular option for many professionals who seek a mix of lifestyle benefits and the perks of an innovative...

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Black History Month 2023: Saluting Our Sisters

​October marks Black History Month, a national celebration which aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society. As we come towards the end of the month, we are ‘Saluting ou...

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5 Minutes with... Toan Ravenscroft, MD – M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

​Toan is the Managing Director of M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment in Amsterdam, leading a talented team of international and Dutch specialists to connect brands to consumers via their passions,...

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5 Minutes With... David Berlin, VP of Product, UNiDAYS

​As part of our ‘5 Minutes With…’ series, we caught up with David Berlin, who launched DAZN across all platforms and the BBC iPlayer iPhone app, amongst others, during a career in product spanning ...

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4 ways you can engage with inclusive hiring

​Inclusive recruitment is no longer just a buzzword; it's become an essential aspect of any modern business strategy. Preliminary findings taken from our hotly anticipated Creative Industries Cen...

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How the cost-of-living crisis can help businesses attract and retain talent

​The ongoing cost-of-living crisis continues to have a profound effect on the UK economy, despite inflation dropping to 7.9%, the lowest seen since March 2022.Cost of necessities continue to rise, ...

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5 Minutes With... Molly Park, CPO at Papier

​As part of our ‘5 Minutes With…’ series, we caught up with Molly Park, Chief Product Officer at Papier, who has had a varied and distinguished career to date spanning buying, design and product.Wo...

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Beyond Pride: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Employees within the Creative Industries 

As we come to the end of Pride Month, we wanted to spend some time reflecting on the past few weeks and provide tangible advice on how brands and agencies can support their LGBTQIA+ employees.Since...

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Stand Your Ground : Pride 2023

​We are standing our ground this pride month, and endorsing Outvertising's powerful campaign calling on brands to stand your ground this pride month.Alongside 60+ organisations including the Advert...

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The 30% Tax Rule: What Does it Mean for International Talent

Ever fancied packing your bags and hopping on a plane to work from the beautiful Amsterdam in the Netherlands? Well, that dream may be more realistic for you or for your employees than you think.Wi...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Addressing Burnout and Anxiety at Work

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week which is why we want to discuss the importance of addressing mental health issues and managing work stress. Mental well-being directly influences our behav...

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Industry Events Apr 2023 01

Your April 2023 Guide

​​We’ve got your guide to April with events across digital, marketing and creative to sink your teeth into.Whether you’re looking for some remote upskilling or a networking event to help connect yo...

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5 Minutes With   Louisa  O'connor (2)

5 Minutes With Louisa O'Connor

This week, Business Manager Emma Stephenson sat down with experiential leader, Louisa O'Connor to talk through experiential at SEEN, the trends forecast for this year as well as some crucial elemen...

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Your March 2023 Guide

​We’ve got your guide to March with events across digital, marketing and creative to sink your teeth into.Whether you’re looking for some remote upskilling or a networking event to help connect y...

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Increased internal mobility and rise of the boomerang employee

As businesses continue to respond to challenging market conditions, employee retention has never been more crucial. In addition to continuing to remain competitive in attracting new talent, busines...

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The 2023 Creative Industries Census - Preliminary Findings

Our preliminary findings have been compiled using data collected from direct responses to our 2023 Creative Industries Census, of which 3266 professionals completed over a 6-week period. With over ...

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