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How is the 'great resignation' effecting the freelance market?

​The events over the last few years have had a significant impact upon the creative industries talent pool, leading to plenty of movement within agencies, brands and studios. We are continuing to s...

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Thinking About Going Freelance?

Most creative professionals, have at some point in their careers, considered the option of becoming a freelancer. Lured by the prospect of greater flexibility, being your own boss and dictating whi...

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Major Players Freelancer Information 2021

​Thanks for choosing Major Players as your recruitment partner – we know that there’s a lot of information you need from us and vice versa so we’ve put together the below FAQs that should answer so...

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IR35 Q&A For Freelancers

WEDNESDAY 24TH MARCH 2021 @ 10AMFor freelancers and contractual workers.Major Players are hosting an IR35 session for all freelancers to provide an overview of the upcoming legislation, what we are...

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Freelance tips

Ready to embark on the exciting world of freelance? You've come to the right place. We've pulled together some key pointers to keep in mind as you start your freelancer journey and hope you find th...

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Freelancing Top Tips

​The demand for freelance work in the creative, digital and tech industries has considerably grown over the last few years with freelancers taking over 40% of the media workforce, as highlighted in...

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Top 5 freelancing tips

Whether you are a budding freelancer or looking to take your first step into the world of contract, we've got 5 simple tips to help your day-to-day as a freelancer.AVAILABILITYAs a freelancer you n...

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