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Major Players Freelancer Information 2021

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Thanks for choosing Major Players as your recruitment partner – we know that there’s a lot of information you need from us and vice versa so we’ve put together the below FAQs that should answer some of your questions. If you still need support email your talent partner or


Payment Details (a, b or c)

A. PSC / Limited Companies– Certificate of incorporation, Vat certificate if applicable, Business bank account details

B. PAYE through MP- Most recent P45 if before current tax year please request a new starter form, personal bank account details.

C. Umbrella- please see PSL below
The umbrella companies on our PSL are FCSA accredited and compliant with the regulations. These companies have allowed us to audit them and have agreed to continue so going forward. As we have a PSL in place we would not be processing payments to umbrella companies not included.

What important links will you receive from Major Players?

Once you have a placement you will receive a link from
This will be a request to provide payment details based on the payment method selected. i.e umbrella or LTD.
You will also receive login details for the timesheet portal from link to the timesheet portal is as follows:

How do I input my days/hours onto the timesheet portal?

Based on your pay rate your timesheet will either be based on your agreed Day rate or Hourly rate.

For day rate timesheets 1 unit is equal to 1 day.
For hourly please enter number of hours worked per day.

We process timesheets a week in arrears. Our deadline for timesheet approval is 1pm on Wednesday in order to receive payment on the Friday.

How do I input my overtime onto the timesheet portal?

If you have agreed to work overtime with your Talent Partner and client you can add this to your timesheet by adding a new row.

This shows that on Monday a full day was worked plus 4 hours at standard overtime. You can select time and a half or double time from the drop down box depending on the overtime rate agreed.

If you have incurred agreed expenses please send copies of your receipts to both and your consultant.

Your consultant will need to get the expenses approved. Once approved you will receive an email confirming approval and when they will be processed for payment.

For all timesheet or payment related queries please contact us via email or via telephone on 0207 845 7285. We have a response time of 24 hours however, emails are usually responded to on the same day.

How can I update my personal details?

For changes in bank details please email with proof of new bank details, a screen shot of online banking or a letter from the bank showing account name, account number and sort code is sufficient.

For changes in personal details such as name change by Deed poll or marriage please send certificate to to be updated. For changes in limited company name please send certificate of name change to

How will Major Players’ Talent Partners work with you?

Before we are able to place you in to a freelance booking, we will require RTW (right to work) documents which includes a copy of your passport, full address and NI number or relevant visa status.

We will share a link with you where you can upload your information and documents securely. We also ask for 2 references from you - These can be either phone numbers or email addresses. We
will then contact the references and ask for testimonials to go alongside your profile.

Once you have met with a Talent Partner, they will write up a profile and share it with the wider team. This offers exposure to a wide variety of clients and opportunities.

We ask that you keep in touch and share your weekly/monthly availability with us as well. We can then ensure we’re keeping you up to date with relevant roles