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Freelance tips

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Ready to embark on the exciting world of freelance? You've come to the right place. We've pulled together some key pointers to keep in mind as you start your freelancer journey and hope you find them helpful!

First and foremost, keep in touch with your consultant. Any consultant worth their salt will be working tirelessly to keep in touch with their clients for your benefit. Only then do you have access to the latest and best contract jobs. By keeping them up to date on your availability and flexibility you are helping yourself find that all-important next vacancy.

A freelance CV should be bang up-to-date and focus clearly on latest relevant work assignments and achievements. The client who wants you to promote gaming software does not need to know that you spent 6 months starting a children's clothing shop.

Include only your latest and best work. Ensure you understand the agency and role you are put forward to and make sure your portfolio is clearly labelled with your details and those of your consultant.

A freelance interview, if there is one, comes in every shape and form. You may just have a 5 minute chat or be given a 90 minute grilling and then be asked to sit an inappropriate competency test. As ever, your consultant will be advising you on dress code and type of interview to expect.

Flexibility is key to getting the most out of freelancing. The most important thing is: where there is a freelance requirement anything is possible and everything could change in an instant. Best case: You grudgingly take on a dull job promised as being 2 days’ work, only to find yourself asked to stay on for a 'dream' pitch just come in - 3 weeks work that lifts your portfolio to the next level. Worst case: A 3 month job promised to start on Tuesday is retracted Monday morning, the client having suddenly postponed the work. Don't burn bridges. You want to keep your agent on-side for future work and you never know where you will next meet that client you let down. As ever, the right agent knows how to represent your interests while keeping face with the client, so keep your agent fully informed of all situations.

References and Testimonials
Collect them wherever you go. Your agent will advise you on how best to use them.

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