From Agency to In-house PR

Samantha McHarg-Sharp - PR

More and more people are looking to explore the transition from agency to in-house, Samantha has some great tips on how to make that move.

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If you can't watch the video here are the key points that Samantha mentions

Full Marketing Mix
  • One of the best ways to get ahead of the game is to get experience across all marketing disciplines.
  • If you can expand your experience at your current agency to see how digital, social and BTL fit into play you’ll be setting yourself up ahead of your agency competition.

Become an Expert
  • Become an expert. Bring in accounts specific to your chosen sector.
  • If you want to become the Head of Comms at Hilton Hotels – hone in on your skills.
  • Focus on building a reputation in the market using your industry knowledge.

Learn to love autonomy
  • Learn to love being your own leader, manager, exec and PA
  • In-house roles tend to have small dedicated PR & Comms teams where you will be tasked with writing the press release, selling and answering to internal and external stakeholders.

Don’t forget about your pace
  • What sets you apart from in-house candidates is the very reason you are looking to move in-house
  • Big, global corporate companies and brands work like agencies – the pace is fast and hard.
  • The work rate is high…and that is part of the reason why they will hire you.

Is the Grass Greener
  • We get it, we really do. In-house is the dream.
  • But working on Coca Cola agency-side doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll go in-house there.
  • Be realistic and honest with yourself – will an SME business or a start-up be enough?

There will always be pros and cons to the agency vs. in-house debate.

Samantha McHarg-Sharp

Senior Consultant – PR & Comms 
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