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Amsterdam Jobs: Navigating the Dutch Job Market

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Amsterdam has quickly become one of the world's top destinations for young, hungry, innovative professionals to pursue creative careers in the marketing, tech, and product spaces. With ground-breaking scale-ups bursting onto the scene and a world-class city lifestyle to match, it's no wonder why so many are looking to Amsterdam as their next step.

Why have Amsterdam jobs become such an attractive proposition?

Amsterdam's progressive work culture and high quality of life, along with its status as an international business hub where English is widely spoken, make it highly attractive for creative, marketing, tech, and product professionals seeking career growth. 

Moreover, the city's robust digital infrastructure, focus on innovation, and rich cultural scene provide ample opportunities for professional development and personal fulfilment. With that said, here's our advice on getting jobs in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam jobs — start with the big picture

Before you start putting yourself out there, it's crucial that you start with a clear understanding of what it is you want to achieve and how you want to do so. Deciding on the way you want to work, and whether a move to a new city is the right decision for you, is mandatory. Here are some considerations to think of before you apply:

  • Cost of moving: Luggage, visas, accommodation, flight tickets—the list goes on; there are a lot of up-front expenses that come with moving to a new city. You'll need to make sure you have significant savings in the bank to make the move without causing yourself financial difficulty.

  • Cost of living: Amsterdam has the 62nd highest cost of living in Europe and the UK. Comparatively, London ranks 14th. But this doesn't mean Amsterdam is cheap—it's still essential to find a job with competitive remuneration to live comfortably. 

  • Transport: Amsterdam is renowned for its cycle culture, and that's how most of its locals choose to get around the city. However, if cycling isn't for you, Amsterdam has an excellent public transport system that will get you from A to B easily.

  • Housing: Research property types, neighbourhoods, and potential commutes; this will help you understand where you might end up given a set budget. If you're serious about the move, it might also be worth reaching out to lettings and estate agents in advance to get a head start.

  • Language & Culture: Amsterdam has a rich culture and vibrant city life that attracts millions of people every year. While this is a massive bonus in the short term, it's crucial to consider whether you'll be comfortable immersing yourself in Amsterdam's unique culture for years to come.

Are you ready to move?

Employers are more likely to be interested in your application if they know you're serious about moving to Amsterdam. Proving your commitment to the move—whether by providing a visa, right-to-work documentation, or showing proof of your new address in Amsterdam— is a big tick. But what if you haven't got any of these things ready yet?

  • Flight documentation: If you've booked flights far enough in advance, providing your itinerary can be a great way to show you're serious about the move.

  • References/recommendations: If you've already notified your current employer of your plan to move, ask for a character reference and request that they mention your intentions to work in Amsterdam. 

  • Cover letter: Include a cover letter in applications and use it to detail your commitment to making the move – you could also provide updates on your visa status or other documents that are pending in the lead-up to the move.

  • Proof of accommodation: If you don't have a permanent address in Amsterdam yet, but you do have organised temporary accommodation, you may be able to provide this to begin with.

Not sure whether now is the right time to move? That's okay—take all the time you need. The job market boom in Amsterdam isn't going away anytime soon, so there's no need to rush. 

How do you work?


You don't have to relocate to Amsterdam to get in on the job market. There's a significant market for freelancers in Amsterdam, and with a mere one-hour time difference with the UK, it's easy to do.


If you want to work and grow under a single business long-term, then permanent employment is for you. Permanent roles are in ample supply in Amsterdam, and finding them is simple if you know where to look.

How to find Amsterdam jobs

Finding jobs in Amsterdam is similar to in the UK. However, navigating a slightly different employment culture can be daunting if you're unfamiliar with it.

The best, most straightforward way to find Amsterdam jobs is to go right to the people who know where the jobs are and how to get people into them. That's where the team at Major Players can help.

We're experts in the Amsterdam job market and specialise in finding amazing people incredible international jobs. Contact us to get one step closer to your dream job in Amsterdam.