.NET Tech Lead

Posted 17 June 2024
Salary Up to £0.00 per annum
Job type Freelance
Discipline Tech
Contact NameRicky Kelsey

Job description

The Application Tech Lead occupies a pivotal role in the organization's technical hierarchy, specifically within a focused application team. This individual is accountable for delivering effective technical solutions for a designated portfolio. The position involves overseeing the technical aspects of new projects and maintaining existing applications. By collaborating with developers, functional experts, and business analysts, as well as coordinating with the portfolio architect and the Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) teams, the Tech Lead ensures seamless integration of technology solutions that align with business objectives and enhance operational efficiency. Reporting to the Project Lead, their expertise is instrumental in fostering innovation.

Core Responsibilities

The Tech Lead's duties encompass both high-level technical supervision and direct coding involvement, ensuring a strong connection to the project's technical nuances while providing leadership and design direction. Key responsibilities include:

  1. Technical Leadership and Coaching:
    • Guiding and mentoring the development team, promoting a culture of technical excellence.
  2. Comprehensive Technical Oversight of Software Systems:
    • Managing all technical aspects within the application team to ensure software development and deployment meet organizational standards.
  3. Active Development Contribution:
    • Engaging significantly in hands-on development work, including coding, feature creation, and bug fixing.
  4. Preparation of Technical Deliverables:
    • Developing detailed technical documentation for software releases, including infrastructure requests and release documents.
  5. Management of Configuration Change Requests to I&O:
    • Overseeing configuration change requests to ensure system stability and performance.
  6. System Design:
    • Creating scalable, reliable, and maintainable systems that adhere to architectural standards and complement the overall architecture in collaboration with the architecture team.
  7. Requirements Analysis:
    • Working with analysts to refine requirements and translate them into robust technical solutions.
  8. Code Review and Quality Assurance:
    • Ensuring high code quality through rigorous reviews and quality assurance processes.
  9. Performance Optimization:
    • Regularly evaluating software performance and making necessary adjustments for optimization.
  10. Security Considerations:
    • Implementing up-to-date security practices to protect software systems against threats, considering architectural decisions.
  11. Technology Evaluation and Integration:
    • Assessing and integrating new technologies that align with business goals and enhance system capabilities, considering architectural decisions.
  12. Troubleshooting and Support:
    • Leading the resolution of complex technical issues, providing expert troubleshooting and support.
  13. Adherence to Architecture Standards and Collaboration:
    • Working with the portfolio architect to align with strategic architecture while retaining the discretion to make complementary design choices.

Essential Soft Skills

For a technical lead, especially in a .Net environment and capable of speaking french and dutch in a professional environment , essential soft skills include:

  1. Leadership:
    • Inspiring, motivating, and guiding developers to achieve project goals.
    • Collaborating effectively with various cross-functional teams.
    • Being mindful of team members' emotions and motivations to create a positive work environment.
    • Communicating clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, with team members, stakeholders, and non-technical audiences