Salary Survey 2018 is here

After 3000 responses we have finalised the results for our 2018 Salary Survey.

This year our annual salary survey in conjunction with The Drum shows some interesting insight across bonuses, job satisfaction, job security and gender differences in pay. There are also some distinct trends across key specialisms. Despite modest growth in the economy, there were still a significant number of pay rises either as a promotion or moving companies.

The UK’s creative industries contribute almost £90bn net to GDP; it accounts for one in 11 jobs, a rate rising more quickly than all other parts of the economy. There are a large number of these jobs that are also among the least likely to be lost to automation.

Employment in the creative industries is still rising, compared to the decline in financial services. We have seen a rise in demand for specialist talent across many disciplines in performance marketing around big data & analytics and also digital designers. There has been an increase in brands pushing for greater transparency and control of their marketing and as a result they are bringing their talent in-house.