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Snapshot Survey - Candidate Market Survey 2020

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​Every year we conduct an annual Salary Survey which gives a snapshot of salaries and rates for permanent staff and freelancers, as well as providing general trends across digital, creative, and tech roles. The survey in conjunction with The Drum, also shows insights on bonuses, job satisfaction, job security and gender differences in pay.

In addition to this annual report, we surveyed our pool of candidates across a range of specialisms in May 2020. The aim of this survey was to assess the impact Covid-19 has had on people in their jobs and how it has affected them personally.

We surveyed nearly 700 contacts across a range of specialisms including creative, design, branding, digital marketing, technology, PR, events, and analytics. Of this sample, 74% of respondents were employed in a permanent capacity. 

Prior to the impact of Covid-19, the Creative Industries were growing more than five times faster than the economy. Despite the effect on the industry, we believe the creative industries will remain one of the UK’s largest contributors to the UK economy but there are huge changes ahead to the way we do business and the future of work.

This short survey serves as a snapshot of perspectives from employees around the effects of Covid-19. 

Download the Snapshot Survey here