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Psychometric Testing


We understand the urgency needed to create diverse workforces and promote inclusivity for all, and that to do this, we need to encourage an objective and standardised recruitment process that is as free from human bias as possible. 

Having a genuinely diverse workforce has been shown to improve job seeker attraction, retention rates, wellbeing and engagement at work, as well as company profitability.  We believe that companies should focus on the behaviours that will ensure a candidate will thrive in a role, not focus on elements such as gender, image or even the need to work flexibly around childcare.

We believe that to move towards this goal and all groups of individuals affected by bias, we must take a multi-faceted approach and employ a range of techniques to broaden our approach and widen the talent pool.

We saw a clear gap in the Creative Recruitment Industry of using data to help us and our clients make objective hiring decisions.  Our proactive approach to supporting clients to reduce bias within the hiring process led to the launch of our Psychometric Workplace Assessment Solution. 


We have partnered with 10x Psychology to create our own assessment platform, utilising the 10x Talent software.  This partnership has allowed us to harness the power of their industry-leading software, helping us incite and sustain the changes needed in recruitment to equalise the hiring journey. 

We saw a clear gap in the Creative Recruitment Industry of using data to help us and our clients make objective hiring decisions, using the most valid psychometric assessments on the market.  The combination of an accessible candidate experience coupled with in-house Psychologists & Data Analytics means we are able to provide you with the most accurate & predictive hiring information available.  


  • Removes bias from the hiring process & can provide tailored, standardised interview guides for all roles

  • Provides you with information to help create development plans for new employees, and improve candidate on-boarding process

  • Allows you to identify & hire likely high performers and help to ensure a good fit into the wider team, and business

  • Use the assessments to develop your top talent through identifying your strongest leaders, the behaviours & skills they possess

  • Identify what drives employee motivation – this can be fed back into your employee engagement strategy so that employees can flourish 

  • You can access real-time candidate data via an easy to use dashboard that uses data visualisation to support decision making.

  • All candidates will be provided with a copy of their assessments as standard, and we can provide 1:1 feedback sessions as part of a bespoke package.  This feedback allows individuals critical insights, the chance to self-reflect & to focus on potential development areas.

  • Supports cultural diversity along with D, E & initiatives


Through using this software we are able to look at the personality, motivations and ability of every candidate. We will consult with your team to identify core behavioural competencies for each role (which we help you select).  This will produce a compatibility score, empowering you to shortlist candidates based on their genuine (rather than subjectively perceived) ability.

Our holistic approach will walk you through project set-up all the way through to organisation and individual feedback.  We appreciate the need for flexibility therefore this service can be offered in a multitude of different ways:

  • On all contingent & retained shortlists

  • As part of our Major Partners on-site subscription model 

  • As a standalone consultancy service for clients who recruitment directly