Working in Advertising!

We asked our specialist to answer some questions about working in the advertising industry.

What are the salaries like?

“As a Junior or Account Exec you're looking at around £20k+, Account Managers £25-35k, Senior Account Managers £35-50k, Account Directors £50k and Senior Account Directors or Group Directors £80k+.”

What about the working environment?

“Usually it’s pretty busy and your hours are generally 9-6 but you need to be flexible as you will end up working overtime, things will come up where you'll need to put the hours in.”

Can it be stressful/ rewarding?

“Things aren't always going to run smoothly but it all depends on how you manage yourself in these situations. On the flip side, it can be really rewarding when you've worked on a big campaign, especially if you're passionate about the work.”

Do you need a degree?

“You don't necessarily need a degree in advertising but some type of degree helps. It’s really important to get yourself some work experience though as it puts you a step ahead of others.”

What key personality traits do you need?

“You need to have a passion for advertising as well as having the ability to generate good creative work. You also need to develop relationships and show ambition.”

How can I get more clued up on the sector?

“adweek, The Drum and Campaign have some great material.”