Salary Survey 2017

This year the survey shows interesting insight across salaries and bonuses, job satisfaction, job security and gender differences. There are also some distinct trends across our key specialisms.

Despite the political turbulence in the last year such as Brexit and the US election, this has had a minimal impact on recruitment and hiring. There was a small dip in the latter part of 2016 but it seems confidence in the UK economy remains positive. Major Players experienced a 16% increase in the number of vacancies across the board in 2016.

There is a strong demand for good people across all business-types and specialisms, but especially in agencies and for those working in digital and creative. It does appear there is a shift towards clients bringing teams in-house as well as using agencies.

According to the Financial Times, “a report from the (UK) Government’s Strategy Unit has concluded that the creative industries in London are now more important than financial services to the economy.