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The Great Return: Maternity Leave Playbook

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​The Great Return in partnership with Bloom UK.

Born out of a simple conversation between a group of Bloom parents, whom work in different parts of the communications industry, this Maternity Leave Playbook has been created to provide employers, managers and colleagues with the knowledge to create positive experiences for those pre, during and post maternity leave.

According to the playbook, 4 in 10 first-time mums agreed their return was "a more negative experience than I was expecting". Crucially, those with negative experiences are 63% more likely to leave their company within 6 months compared to those who had positive experiences. 

Moreover, more than half of women who took parental leave in the last 5 years have felt that having a baby has disadvantaged their careers. 

This playbook explores data collected from over 200 respondents, offering practical initiatives that can be implemented, often at little or to no cost.

Download the playbook free below: