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The Alternative CV

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Over the last couple of years, the job market has become a lot more creative. So it's not surprising that creativity has made its way into the way we construct a CV. Yes, the CV is still vital in proving our skills and work history but in a world of so much competition, standing out from the crowd has become so much more important.

Today our lives revolve around social media which has now made its way into the endless limits of creating a personal CV. This new creative way for candidates to present themselves enables them to go beyond the traditional A4 piece of paper whilst still providing all the essential evidence that future employees need. However social allows you to go so much further and express your personality in ways that were never possible.

One of the original social CVs which went viral immediately was the 'Impossible is Nothing' video by Aleksey Vayner. Its attention was amazing and attracted the attention of many potential clients.

A few years on and the social CV has flourished into a way of showing your true creative potential. Here are some examples of Social CVs:

Simon Mould CV
Using Facebook adverts

A Google maps CV
Ed Hamilton

Infographic CVs
Bret Victor

Lego Interactive CV
Leah Bowman