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A big Idea

What directors want to see is ideas! What’s the big idea, what’s that killer idea that then ideally will show integrated thinking?

What is the narrative?

It’s not just about how it looks on the page, talk through everything, what is the narrative? What’s the brief? What’s the current problem and how do you plan on tackling it? What was the big idea and how can it be adapted across different mediums?

Be Selective

Think about how each piece of work shows your skills, your strengths, and what story does it tell. You need to think about what is relevant to the role, as not everything will be. Think how you can tweak things. It is also a great idea to focus on specific work that you love.

Express your personality

Of course you need to include where you worked as your work history is important. However aside from your work background; let your personality shine through. Creatives have a life outside of the traditional advertising world, so include some of this.

Reflect the best of you

Lastly, make sure the folio reflects the best of you. Therefore if you are a designer, your portfolio should be beautifully designed. If you are a copywriter then tonally it should be crafted really well. They might seem obvious but it’s good to think about it.