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Black History Month 2020: Influential Black Women & Female Entrepreneurs

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​By Akira Holland, Content & Community Manager at Unilever

We’ve all heard countless stories about successful men in every part of history, the average history book is dominated with tales of Kings, male soldiers a myriad of other men who have seemingly shaped the world into what it is today. Now this isn’t to say that women haven’t been featured at all, but with almost 76% of popular history being written by men, it’s no surprise that women only occupy around 0.5% of recorded history… and even less for Black women. We’ve been missing out on extraordinary stories of strength, power, intelligence and grace. The exciting collection of characters below allow us to explore a little-known world of remarkable events.

As part of Black History Month 2020, in collaboration with Major Players, I have put together some little-known snippets of Black history that you may not be aware of. It's incredibly important that we recognise and celebrate the extraordinary stories of influential Black people throughout the ages.

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