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How to write a killer CV

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We've rounded up our key pointers to produce the ultimate CV! ​

  • Make sure you have all your details, name and telephone number at the top so it’s easy to find so we can contact you quickly.

  • The little boxes that people put in their CV that everyone loves to use, may look pretty from a design perspective. However they may not be compatible across all software packages and can cause your CV to distort for some viewers so just leave them out.

  • Make sure you have all your important figures on your CV, if you’re talking about something you’re selling or a campaign that you worked on make sure to show the results and numbers in your CV.

  • Don’t forget to talk about what brands you have worked with, often big brands, such as like-for-like brands. So make sure that if you are currently working on agency and working on a well-known account you put down specifically what those accounts were. Therefore HR or a recruiter can identify straight way with those big brands and see that you have worked with scale.

  • Next don’t forget to use spell check this is so important! So many times you come across a great CV and there will be one little spelling mistake (such as people spelling manager as manger), also it helps having the correct spelling for SEO when searching through CV databases.

  • Focus on the key bits of experience that you have, which can relate to the job you are applying for, whilst it’s great that you have loads of experience there is no need to put down something that has nothing to do with the role you are applying for.

  • If you have any software package you have worked with make sure you include these in your CV, if they don’t see these skills on your CV they would assume you don’t know how to use them

Good luck!

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