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Creative Equals Conference 2019

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We are incredibly proud to have participated in the Creative Equals RISE conference once again. RISE is the leadership conference for all who have a role to play in making creativity inclusive.

Once again, Major Players conducted the annual salary survey and were sad to reveal at the conference, that the pay gap has slightly worsened. Last year’s salary survey highlighted a 23% pay gap in favour of men, but this year it transpires that the gap has actually widened even further by 3.6%.

In contrast and on a more positive note, the gender split is healthier. Outside of the creative and advertising industry and on the brand side, 27% of creative directors were female, vs 12% in the advertising industry. This demonstrates that brands have a healthier desire to employ senior women in those roles.

Rosa Rolo, Commercial Director, Major Players comments, “It was disheartening to see that the pay gap is still an issue. Last year we launched ‘Earn your Worth,’ calling employers to stop asking for people's salaries as we feel it perpetuates the pay gap. 

Instead, we ask people to judge candidates on their skills and their experience before making an evaluation on which roles to put them forward for.  It was encouraging to see there are more female Creative Directors than we originally thought.”

Download the 2019 Salary Survey here.