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Earn Your Worth

Major Players are committed to closing the pay gap and creating a fairer, more equitable society for all. In 2019, we introduced our Earn Your Worth initiative, where we made a commitment to no longer ask our candidates or to divulge their current or previous salary information in a bid to cut the gender pay gap.

Our recent 2021 Salary Survey has highlighted further inequalities across age, ethnicity, sexuality and identity. In a direct consequence to our findings, we have tailored our initiative to fight for ‘Fair Pay for All’.

As the UK’s leading Digital, Marketing, Creative & Tech recruiter, we have a responsibility to take a stand and to start helping to close the gap.

We are calling on businesses and individuals to sign our pledge in support of making salary disclosure a thing of the past. By the end 2022, we hope to have enough signatures to lobby the government into making legislative change.