This award is for the best social media campaign from the last 12 months. We are looking for a campaign that shows creative thought and made an impact across multiple social platforms.  It could be one that created lots of buzz online or a well thought out strategy that performed well with engagement. You should demonstrate innovations, creativity, originality and examples of high engagement.

  • Firstly explain within the word count, what the social media campaign was that you had to deliver.
  • We want to know what the purpose of the campaign. Did it have a special meaning behind it?
  • What was the final outcome of the social media campaign, we want to know the specific results and how it impacted your brand or product as a whole. 
  • Please show in your supporting documents proof of social engagement and results.

Supporting material

Please supply up to 5 separate examples of your work.

Please follow the below criteria for supporting materials:

  • Maximum number of files for submission: five 
  • Preferred file formats for images: Jpeg, Tif, Bmp
  • Suggest uploading supporting documents in one PDF file.
  • Maximum online upload limit: including your explanatory brief, submissions cannot exceed the upload limit of 5mb per entry.

Only digital submissions will be accepted, for large files please send via dropbox or wetransfer to