Major PR

This category is based on the best contribution of an individual to their business in the form of traditional comms, digital media or a campaign that was innovative. The judges will be looking for originality and creativity in your work. Show clear qualitative and quantitative results. Ideally this should be around a specific project, but more than one initiative can be evidenced.

Overview of your work

You need to complete an overview of the Campaign/ project / PR you want to highlight in the past year.

  • Purpose and objective(s) of campaign / project
  • Write a section on the challenge, outlining your objectives and why the campaign was needed. What was the budget and target market of the project?
  • Explain the elements of your project/campaign and how it was orchestrated and carried out.
  • Show the results, outline what was achieved demonstrating results. Use as much evidence as you can provide demonstrate the level of return on investment or tangible benefits to the company.

Supporting material

Please supply up to 5 separate examples of your work.

Please follow the below criteria for supporting materials:

  • Maximum number of files for submission: five  
  • Preferred file formats for images: Jpeg, Tif, Bmp
  • Suggest uploading supporting documents in one PDF file.
  • Maximum online upload limit: including your explanatory brief, submissions cannot exceed the upload limit of 5mb per entry.

Only digital submissions will be accepted, for large files please send via dropbox or wetransfer to