The Majors

The Majors, in conjunction with The Drum, goes out to all those individuals who chisel away tirelessly at the creative coalface to deliver those rare, shiny diamonds of outstanding work. To those who deliver innovation, creativity and results, The Majors salutes you!

There’s a glut of industry awards out there, but most of them focus on the success of the business. And, yes, The Majors does that too, however, that's just a tiny part of the way we recognise 'wish-I-did-that' work. For starters, we don't charge for entering our awards.


This is the second year of The Majors and we’ve had a fabulous response. There has been a real mix of talent from both brands and agencies.

On the 27th of October we hosted The Majors Awards night at our HQ in central London. It was a fabulous night with so many people in attendance. All the finalists had showcased great work however the judges selected the best in each category which were announced on the night.

Major Agency

Momentum Worldwide (UK)


Major Brand



Major Interactive Campaign

Radley Yeldar  

Major Innovation

The Field

Major Social Media Campaign

The Gate London

Major Creative

Rory Tregaskis & Adam Bernet

Major PR

Athar Abidi

Major Marketer

Phil Dawson

Major Designer

Stein Olsen

Major Freelancer

Emily Bishop