"Major Partners came in to support us for a couple of days a week immediately after we’d finished in housing our agency team in October. Moving things in house meant that we were taking on our own recruitment and we saw Major Partners as the right option to help set up the right approach but also supply us with quality resource."

Major Partners joined the Sky Works team for 5 months to share our knowledge of the creative and digital space and assist with recruitment. The scope of this project changed throughout and we were able to adjust according to their business needs. During our time there we:

  • Streamlined communication between the department heads and the internal recruitment teams.
  • Advised on recruitment best practice
  • Implemented vital process
  • Conducted an insight & analysis survey
  • Designed and created company documents/templates
  • Facilitated a number of key hires. 

Fisher Productions

“Thank you so much for the support and flexibility you have given to us (especially with the constantly shifting set of roles!) You are great to deal with and I know that both I and the team would definitely choose to work with you again when we next have a need for recruitment expertise!”

Fisher needed to make urgent hires with a tight turnaround. Partners fulfilled the brief and through our network and advertising tools, we were able to attract a future pool of talent for the client.


“Major Partners have been really proactive. You’ve quickly understood our business and provided candidates in good time. Thanks for your help - it’s really appreciated.”

Major Partners left McCann with a number of potential candidates in the pipeline, as well as new processes to help them recruit better in the long term.

George P Johnson

“In a short period of time you improved both our recruitment process and the quality of the candidates we were meeting. In addition, you and your team embraced our agency culture and built trust quickly across all departments.”

As well as huge financial & time savings, Partners created a lasting legacy of positive brand representation in the market, enhancing their reach to a more creative pool of talent.


Bringing recruitment in-house can reduce costs by up to 50%. We want your business to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Major Partners will expedite your recruitment process while delivering better results. It will also free up your management to focus on growing other areas of the business.