Major Partners in A Nutshell

Major Partners helps you build and grow your business from the inside out with specialist talent partners and a network of over 400,000 digital, creative and tech professionals.

Plug into our network of the best creative and digital talent and access our years of recruitment know-how. Using Partners gives you the best bits of a recruitment agency, so when we leave – you can operate with a solid platform of recruitment best-practice, insights and ultimately new hires. We will leave you in a far better place to grow your business.

  • Access our years of recruitment know-how and expertise and tap into the specialist consultants at Major Players to mine our network of over 400,000 candidates

  • Our talent partners can act as an extension of your team to supply people to your business onsite or remotely to deliver quality talent quickly

  • Gain a dedicated talent partner or team to optimise and hone your hiring process and build your teams quickly and efficiently

  • We will leave you with access to everything Major Players including our insights, marketing, processes and platform so you can deliver a slick and effective in-house recruitment operation


How it works

You will work with a dedicated Talent Partner who will be completely immersed in your brand and culture, and work as an extended member of your team, inside your business.

  • We’re the experts in talent attraction and creating seamless candidate experiences, through process and market insights

  • Your Talent Partner utilises the entire Major Players mainframe

  • We provide access to better talent, with better rates of retention

  • We’ll take time spent recruiting, and all that comes with it off your shoulders so you can continue growing your business

  • We know other recruiters, and how to handle them

  • We have access to an extensive database of >400,000 candidates (which is growing daily)

  • We can help train you and your teams on recruitment and onboarding processes


Bringing recruitment in-house can reduce costs by up to 50%. We want your business to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Major Partners will expedite your recruitment process while delivering better results. It will also free up your management to focus on growing other areas of the business.