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Major Insights 2024

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Join us for the launch of our eagerly anticipated Creative Industries 2024 Salary Census with the latest insights across careers, salaries and workplace trends. We're inviting all business leaders, hiring, HR, change and transformation professionals to join us for an insightful afternoon as we share our findings from over 3800+ responses to this years survey - and have topical discussions on the future of work, and how best to attract, engage and retain talent.

Where & When:
Wednesday 8th May from 12:30pm - 20:00pm
Major Players HQ, 7-11 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LB
Secure your free ticket here.


Creative Industries 2024 Salary Census Findings

We will be presenting the findings from our industry leading, 2024 Salary Census – discussing career, workplace and salary trends from the last 12 months. We will delve into the 150,000+ data points we received and taking a closer looks at employer vs employee expectations, remuneration trends, sentiment around technological advancements, DE&I and the future of the workplace.


  • Rosa Rolo - Managing Director, Major Players & Arrows

  • George Greenaway-Poole - Marketing Director, Major Players & Arrows

How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

We now have workplaces that span five-generations, all with a myriad of challenges and desires. This panel discussion explores strategies for fostering an inclusive culture that leverages the unique strengths and preferences of different generations, including career path and progression, communication, and collaborative practices that bridge generational divides, enhance productivity and promote knowledge sharing.


  • Joanne Lucy - COO, Majar Group (Moderator)

  • Lucy Kemp - Founder, Kemp & Co

  • Sharon Lloyd Barnes - Commercial Director, Advertising Association

  • ​Emma Murphy - Community Director, Creative Equals

  • Duro Oye - Founder & CEO, 20/20 Levels

  • Toren Williams - Partnerships Manager, Avenir Network

The Evolving Talent Landscape in LinkedIn

We find ourselves in the midst of an unapparelled transformation in the world of work – fuelled by persistent economic uncertainties, global unrest, and the swift pace of technological progress. All these factors are having an impact on how we work, the importance of work, and what we mean by work. In session, we explore the evolving talent landscape and the future of work.


  • April Mackenzie - Group Account Director, LinkedIn

The Emergence & Navigation of Generative AI

Only 17% of businesses feel fully prepared for and are investing in AI, while 7 out of 10 employees have admitted to using ChatGPT in the workplace without their managers knowledge. This panel discussion will discuss the emergence of Generative AI, the ethical considerations it raises, what businesses need to do to upskill their employees, and how it can be integrated and harnessed.


  • Gary Trueman - Managing Director, Arrows (Moderator)

  • Namrata Sarmah - Founder & CEO, Women in Product UK and CPO Track

  • Marco De Bertoli - Head of Technology, Build Circle

  • Erik Schwartz - Chief AI Officer, Tricon Infotech

Pay Transparency: Strategies for Talent Remuneration

With pay gaps still ever present in the creative, digital and tech industries, this panel discussion will explore the evolving landscape of pay transparency, it’s impact on attracting and retaining top talent; how to go about implementing it, and how clear compensations strategies can enhance employee satisfaction and competitive positioning in the talent market.


  • Rosa Rolo - Managing Director, Major Players & Arrows (Moderator)

  • Laura Jordan Bambach - Creative Director & Founder, Uncharted Studio

  • Ronnie Smith - Head of Talent Acquisition, Unlimited Group

  • Dinah Williams - Founder, Avenir Network

This is a client only event for business leaders, hiring, HR, change and transformation professionals - if you fit this criteria, then secure your free ticket here.