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The Best Adverts From Super Bowl LVI 2022

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​The 2022 Super Bowl LVI final will see the Los Angeles Rams face Cincinnati Bengals in one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events of the year. With over 140 million people tuning in worldwide, the majority will be there for the touchdowns while others will be more interested in the halftime entertainment from Dr Dre, Eminem, Mary J Blige, and Snoop Dogg. Some though, will be firmly fixated on some of the most expensive advertising you’ll see.

With each ad commanding £4.8 million per 30-seconds, our Associate Director for Creative & Design, Edwina Wickham, has compiled her favourites from last night’s start-studded action.

Amazon Alexa vs Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Ever felt like Alexa is listening to your conversations? Well in the latest commercial for Amazon’s Alexa, the married couple experience what life would be like if it could read our minds… let’s just say, stay clear of the Oysters at your next dinner party!


For whoever has claustrophobia of the hands (not sure this is even a real thing!), this one probably isn’t for you. However, for us, this is one of the true winners of the night.

Who hasn’t gotten their hand (even slightly) stuck trying to reach that last Pringle? This ad follows the life of a man who does exactly that, living with the consequences of that fateful last reach. Once you pop, the fun might stop... might.  

General Motors

Is it groovy, baby? Mike Myers reprises his role as Dr Evil along with all the usual suspects in a bid to stop climate change from ruining planet Earth before he can. 

Even Baby Me is doing his bit to save the planet... well, not really but he will when he's old enough to drive... 


This one has a vibe of the Snickers about it. Hellmann’s recruit former NFL linebacker Jerod Mayo (obvs!) and Pete Davidson to “tackle” food waste. Poor grandma!


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus and Salma Hayek as Hera, an unlikely couple combination who have decided to retire to Palm Springs.  The Greek god of lightning finds himself providing zap’s of power to his neighbours and decides to get his own back by creating a black out and driving, arguably, one of the most beautiful electric cars. If that doesn’t sound like enough, watch out for the adorable unicorn/dog hybrid – I’ll take one of them to go, please.

BIC - EZ Reach

Who knew that a lighter would be worth BIC dropping £5 million for ad featuring Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

With the celebrity chef and rapper sharing jokes about how best to use the EZ Reach including “smoking a turkey” and lighting candles, it ends with an inevitable conclusion… roasting marshmallows over a bonfire. Trippin'. 


Sloths, Crocodiles and Antelope beatboxing to a rendition of Salt-N-Pepa’s song, Push It? Yes please. Ooh, baby, baby!

Uber Eats 

Uber Eats mean business this year and have teamed up with a host of celebrities to get their brand in front of an audience who spend $14.6 billion dollars on food and drink throughout the day.

The adverts features Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow take a bite out of one of her infamous ‘This Tastes Like My Vagina’ scented candles… while Jennifer Coolidge and Trevor Noah gnash down on some beauty and personal hygiene products, all with the strapline of ‘Uber Don’t Eats”. Confusing.

Phew. That is a lot of adverts - perhaps we need a 6 pack of bud and a few corndogs to take the edge off! 

Let us know which adverts were your favourites from Super Bowl LVI 2022 here.