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Your September 2021 Guide

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As the UK continues to progress through the backlash of COVID, the economy is continuing to pick up and markets are booming! Events are also resuming across the country. Here, we have compiled the very best digital events across marketing, digital, creative and tech for September 2021:

Tech-No-Stress: Break Unhealthy Technology Habits with Aoife Donovan

1st September - 12:30pm

Do you sometimes feel as if technology has more control over you than the other way around? Do you feel like you use technology so mindlessly that you are not even aware of how much it is negatively impacting your mental health, your productivity, your relationships? Or maybe the opposite, you are all too aware of the negative impacts but you are not sure how to break your unhealthy technology habits?


How to become a thought leader

2nd September – 2pm

In this session from talent agent Deborah Rey-Burns we uncover the specifics of thought leadership in the creative industries, and how to monetise your knowledge and spread key industry insights further than ever before.


Paid Media: How it can be used

7th September – 11am

This session will be discussing paid media and how it can (and should) be used to help attract leads and business development.


Get your money right with Remi Harris

7th September – 5:30pm

Get yourself on the road to financial literacy as Remi Harris breaks down how to balance the books when setting up a new business, platform, or creative project


Defining the leadership and management skills essential for organisational success

8th September – 9:30am

Given the shift in many organisations to a hybrid way of working there are additional responsibilities that our leaders and managers are having to contend with. At this meeting, we’d like to go back to basics and truly define what skills and capabilities our leaders and managers need and explore how we address these ever-evolving needs.


Building resilience and happiness

8th September – 12pm

90% of adults have said that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health. More than ever, we're asking ourselves: what can we do to support our mental health.


NABS x Outvertising LGBTQ+ Speed Mentoring

9th September – 7:30pm

Get inspired, make new connections and feel empowered to take your career forward: join our brand-new NABS x Outvertising Speed Mentoring session.


Live Chat with Amazon Senior Product Manager

13th September – 9:30am

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Product Manager? This is an exclusive Ask Me Anything session to give you a chance to ask every question you’ve ever had, with Rahul Garg, Sr Product Manager at Amazon.


The Future of Working from Anywhere

20th September – 8pm

This session will ask how brands and agencies have managed creative collaboration over the past few months – and which of the past year’s trends we should be accelerating.


Turn your creativity into a career

21st September – 1pm

By the end of this workshop you’ll have lifelong tools you can use to bring in money – without compromising your values. You’ll feel more confident about your earning potential and much clearer on what steps you need to take to move towards supporting yourself financially.


Growing your network from your couch

24th September – 6pm

Join WorkWell coaches, Whitney and Lucy, for an evening on what they like to call couch networking. They’ve coached 1000+ people into high paying tech jobs and know exactly what it takes to land both technical and non-technical roles at a company you are actually excited about!