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Your March 2022 Guide

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Kick-off your March with the best in events across creative, digital and tech industries!

We’ve rounded up all the latest in networking, career development, short courses across the creative industries to help you level up. Whether you’re looking for some remote-upskilling or a network event to help connect you with industry professionals, we’ve got them all.


Intro to SEO with General Assembly

1st March - 15:00 - 17:00 – Online

Jessica Bruno teaches people how to get rid of that post-anxiety and make them feel powerful with every piece of content.

This will be an in-depth master class on how to utilise social media for your brand or biz through 2022. By the end of this masterclass, you will walk away with a clearer content strategy, understand the value of content pillars and how you can utilise them for your online brand.


Apple Talks: Be a Google PM Without a Tech Background by Google Product Leader

1st March - 14:30 - 15:00 – Online

Work through designing an interactive prototype of an entire mobile website: from content to layout and interactions.

Run by a Senior Designer who has experience working with British Airways, Vogue and WorldRemit.


Future London Academy presents: learn how to create a strong brand from top Creative Directors

2 Mar 2022, 11:00 - 12:30 – Online

Want to hear behind-the-scenes of creating a strong brand? Then join us for a conversation with Creative Directors, Campbell & Robyn Butler (Lovework Studio, ex-DesignStudio). They will share great tips and insights from working at DesignStudio, Wolff Olins, Dragon Rouge, the list goes on!

Plus, you’ll have a chance to get your portfolio reviews by Campbell & Robyn! Send a link to your work when you register. The conversations will be on Zoom and will be hosted by our Co-founder, Ekaterina Solomeina. Guests will have the chance to ask questions directly to Campbell and Robyn, on the Livestream.


Creative Coalition Festival - headline speakers include Henry Holland, Gaika & June Sarbong OBE

1 Mar 2022, 10:00 - 3 Mar 2022, 17:00

The Creative Coalition Festival returns for 2022, bringing together the UK’s finest creators, innovators, leaders and emerging talent to reimagine, redefine and reignite the future of our world-leading creative industries. 

Creative Coalition Festival 2022 is a unique blend of inspiring talks and panels, live performances, practical workshops and networking opportunities - all streamed from across the UK, directly to our audience at home. A key moment in the creative industries calendar, this is our opportunity to come together as one to shape our collective future.


Build Confidence & Take Control of Your Tech Job Search with Makers & Hired

For women in tech, a job search can involve a lot more than applications and interviews. Whether it’s finding diverse and inclusive companies, negotiating fertility benefits in a job offer, or evaluating growth opportunities on a male-dominated team, it can be a lot!

With International Women’s Day around the corner, Makers and Hired have joined forces to bring you a one-hour webinar focused on building the skills and confidence to take control of your tech job search.

In this webinar, Maker’s Academy expert panellists will aim to equip both women and allies with practical tips and strategies for each stage of the job hunt, from prepping your CV, to digging in during an interview, to evaluating an offer and nailing your negotiation.


Whitechapel Gallery Presents Artist Collective Moments: Muslim Sisterhood Takeover

3 Mar 2022, 19:00 - 20:00 - Whitechapel Gallery - 77-82 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX, UK

Artist collective Muslim Sisterhood take over Whitechapel Gallery for an evening of creativity and celebration. Developed as a nurturing collaboration between friends, the collective seeks to create safe spaces of radical joy for young Muslims through their work in photography, fashion, art direction and publishing.

Please Note: Due to limited capacities, we will operate a one in, one out system in select areas throughout the Gallery.


Cluster Photography and Print 2022 Fair

3 Mar 2022, 15:30 - Sun, 6 Mar 2022, 16:00 - London, United Kingdom

Proud to announce Cluster Photography 2022, our second post-pandemic alternative art fair, featuring 70+ international photographers. 

Putting notions of identity at the centre, this edition of Cluster Photography explores the myriad ways in which contemporary photographers help us fix and define our individual and collective identities. With this focus in mind, we turn our attention to the history of photography and its important role in shaping society.

 Entering its sixth year, Cluster is pleased to announce its expansion from an exhibition format into a movement. Pure creative energy, unmitigated and unapologetic; Cluster Photography & Print is a celebration of diversity, style and substance. A melting pot defined solely by a necessity to express and provoke!


SheSays: Breaking into the industry

Sun, 6 Mar 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 – Paid Event

Ahead of International Women's Day, join the SheSays team as they delve into different ways to break into the creative industry through a panel discussion and collaborative workshop.

Are you struggling to get your foot in the door? Have you always wondered how other people got started? Or are you just starting out? Kickstart your journey into the creative industry with Joyce Kremer and Melissa Wong (SheSays), Erin Aniker (Illustrator) and Natalie Narh (New Comma) as they discuss their highs and lows breaking into their industries.

The panel discussion will be followed by a collborative workshop. We will conclude the event with a chance to network with other fellow creatives.


Zinc talks Inclusive Design for International Women's Day

8th March 2022 - 10am-11am - 6th Floor, Euston House, 24 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1AD

Hosting three speakers, this event will share expert insights about intentionally designing and building products and experiences that are truly inclusive. Expect to hear from:  

Cat Drew is Chief Design Officer at the Design Council and focuses on the built environment, including business, government and architecture to create healthier spaces.

Jasmine Richards is the founder of Storymix, a children’s fiction studio with an inclusive cast of characters and all children, regardless of background, are the heroes of the stories. 

Jeremey Myerson is the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design at the Royal College of Art. He is an academic researcher, author and activist in people-centred design and innovation.


Virtual Studio: Make Otherworldly Photographs with Cécilia Poupon

8 Mar 2022, 18:30 - 19:50 – Online

As part of the Today at Apple and It’s Nice That virtual series, New World: Creating for Tomorrow, join the photographer Cécilia Poupon for a session on raising your still-life photography game. You’ll learn how Cécilia uses lighting and framing techniques to turn simple household objects into beautiful, otherworldly artworks. Then you’ll have a go at a still-life composition of your own.


Edit Girls - Career Chats

8 Mar 2022, 20:00 - 21:00 – Online 

In this live interview, we'll be talking to commercial editor Beth Roberts about her career and her current role at London post-house Nomad.

 Originally trained as a dancer, editor Beth Roberts has a rhythm and pace-driven approach to her work. Her obsession with movement and how things feel to watch has seen her cut incredible work for brands including Adidas, OnePlus, and TikTok.

In this conversation, we'll explore Beth's career right from the start, until now and her signing with award-winning London post-house Nomad. We'll take a deep dive into her day-to-day life as a commercial editor and her collaborative approach to creating work that you'll want to watch again and again.

It will be a great session for anyone with a passion for editing especially editors at the beginning of their career looking to make their mark in the world of advertising.


University of Arts London: Mood Boarding and Story Boarding for Art Directors Webinar

Wed, 9 Mar 2022, 10:00 - 12:00 – Online – Paid

This two-hour Webinar is an introduction to Mood Boarding and Story Boarding for Art Directors.

During this two-hour live session, Giulio Mazzarini, senior lecturer and established creative professional, will talk about the benefits of creating unique mood boards and storyboards, and will give essential tips and advice on the best formats and strategies to create effective presentations, aimed at facilitating the creative process as well as presenting successful ideas.

 Who should attend this session?

This webinar is aimed at art directors but also open to designers, creatives, managers and entrepreneurs in the creative industries interested in improving their abilities in delivering effective presentations and ideas.

It is also an excellent fit for individuals who are new to the creative sector or who aspire to work in it, and want to learn more about developing concepts to build their portfolios and enter the creative markets.


Wishu Creative Community Talks: How to Get Noticed by Clients in 2022

10 Mar 2022, 14:00 - 15:00 – Online

The past 2 years has been a period of intense change. Freelancers have been forced to adapt at speed. Many of our plans have gone out of the window, turning us to change our strategies for client acquisition impacting the way we earn money and shifting us to look at our income pie/portfolio.

In this webinar, Wishu experts will be sharing strategies for getting clients now and in the future. Discussing the approaches that you as a creator can take to turn 2022 into a year that helps you get the clients you want.


Portfolio Review Supported by Creative Lives in Progress 

10 Mar 2022, 17:00 - 20:00 – Online

Found will be hosting a portfolio event for those interested in exploring the world of CGI, motion graphics, and film.

 Are you starting out or looking to work in the industry? Are you curious about CGI and how it may relate to your current practice? Are you currently in Fine Art, Graphic design, Animation, Product Design or Interior Design and simply keen to discover and learn more? If so, this events for you.

Whether you’re a student, a graduate or in the first 2 years of your career, this is your chance to meet industry professionals and understand how best to shape your future in CGI and motion graphics. Led by Found’s core design team, join this event to share your portfolio, receive key feedback and guidance, and build upon your network of fellow emerging designers in the field.


I Like Networking Presents Confidence 101 for Creative Careers 

15 Mar 2022, 17:00 - 18:00 – Online – Paid

Are you waiting for the confidence to create the career you want?

If so,   this webinar may be for you. I Like Networking look at busting some myths and delivering some truths around confidence and what you actually need to build the creative career you want.

Armed with knowledge on how your brain works and coaching techniques, you can overcome fear and reach your full creative potential. Led by Dina Grishin, an experienced life and career coach based in London, coaching worldwide. She works with individuals interested in developing their mindset and leveraging their untapped strengths for a more fulfilled, enjoyable and productive life.


How To Turn Your Fear Into Success with Dior Bediako & Stefanie Sword-Williams - F*ck Being Humble 

15 Mar 2022, 18:00 - 19:00 - Online 

How often does fear get in the way of your personal and professional goals? If you're someone who wants to achieve but feels continuously held back by fear, a lack of self-worth, or knowledge on how to get what you want, we're here to help.

Join Dior Bediako and Stefanie Sword-Williams as their share their personal journeys of overcoming fear in their careers and how they use self-doubt as a motivator to reach their dreams.


Apple's Virtual Studio: Design Type to Express Your Creative Future with Jacob Wise

15 Mar 2022, 18:30 - 20:00 – Online

As part of the Today at Apple and It’s Nice That virtual series, New World: Creating for Tomorrow, join Jacob for a session on drawing letterforms. You’ll learn how the type designer approaches new projects and how important sketching is to his creative process. You’ll choose your own unique word to express your creative ambitions for the future, and will then sketch and refine its letters, taking into account the three key elements of rhythm, proportion and spacing.


The School of Life: How to Fail

15 Mar 2022, 18:30 - 21:00 – Online – Paid

The modern world demands one thing above all else: that we succeed. The stories we tell ourselves are around striving, overcoming huge odds and eventually winning, normally in some important sector of the economy. Society has a particularly harsh word reserved for those who don’t make it. They are – society says - ‘losers’.

However, the greatest likelihood is that we’re going to fail in some area of our lives or another, especially in the professional sphere (the focus of this class is particularly on failure in relation to work).

This class seeks to equip you with the tools to handle failure on your own terms – which is a success of its own. Leave with a grown-up understanding of what we are up against and a consoling impression of the universality of reversal, imperfection and a degree of melancholy. No life is free of failure, and so we realise that failing well is an art all of its own – one of the most necessary we could ever learn.


University Arts London: Magazine Creative Direction Webinar 

16 Mar 2022, 18:00 - 20:00 – Online – Paid 

In this two-hour webinar you will gain an overview on magazine creative direction.

Giulio Mazzarini, established editorial creative director and photographer, will show how a magazine is created, developed, designed and delivered, giving an extensive overview of the workflow, from the generation of the idea to the final design.

Who should attend this session?

This webinar is aimed at creatives, art directors, artists, social media managers and entrepreneurs in the creative industries interested in learning more about editorial creative direction.

It is also an excellent fit for individuals who are starting in the creative sectors and/or who aspire to work in magazines ed editorial industries.


Adobe Summit — The Digital Experience Conference, including talk from Ryan Reynolds

15 Mar 2022, 09:00 -  17 Mar 2022, 19:00 – Online

Join a community of Experience Makers from around the world to learn, be inspired, and make connections that will empower you to create better, more personalized customer experiences. Be inspired by influential leaders, expert Experience Makers, and industry luminaries.



19 Mar 2022, 10:00 - 12:00 – Online – Paid

Do you want to change industries?

Join Public Persona for an interactive discussion on how to feel competent and relaxed and how to prepare confidently and strategically for it.


When to Say Yes & When to Say No with Workplace Wellness – Iconic Offices

22 Mar 2022, 11:00 - 12:00 – Online

Your story is shaped by the simple daily choices we make - what are you choosing to say “Yes” to and what are you choosing to say “No” to? How do your daily “Yes” and “No” impact your self-care, your energy, your time, your creativity, and your joy? 

This workshop allows us space and time to explore our daily habits and rituals, where we spend our Time & Energy (two of our greatest resources) and what we are consciously or unconsciously choosing in our lives. By creating space for self-reflection, it allows us to identify some weekly non-negotiables that are unique to you. The end result will be more clarity, more alignment with what it is that is important to you.


Roundhouse Presents Self-Made Series: Building Your Community 

22 Mar 2022, 18:30 - 19:30 – Online

Community is the foundation of every creative journey. Our community helps us build momentum, find direction and move forward. In this interactive workshop, co-founder Aisha Ayoade will explore the varying factors that need to be considered when building community: How do you start? How do you grow? How does your community add value? Join this workshop to learn some of the fundamentals you need to build an audience that adds value to your creative venture.


Mediaweek – hear from future-facing marketers who are redefining innovation 

22 Mar 2022, 09:30 -   24 Mar 2022, 15:00 – Online – Paid

Hear from future-facing marketers who are redefining innovation and relevance as the industry pivots to newly emerging media channels and formats, from the metaverse to live shopping—all within the new world order where solving for the audience identity conundrum and safeguarding consumer privacy will be key.


Personalising UX with Behavioural Psychology workshop – The School of UX

24 Mar 2022, 13:00 - 18:00 – Online – Paid

A fascinating workshop on how to use behavioural science to optimise and personalise user experiences.

In this session, you’ll learn the power of the personalised nudge – that is, the power of the subconscious and how users make decisions, how you can measure this through data, and how to use it to engage your users and influence their behaviour.

Hear from Patrick Fagan, a Behavioural Scientist at Brainchimp turning mind into magic, author of Hooked book and previously Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica.

You’ll learn how to turn technological signals into psychological insights, turning these into persuasive and engaging user experiences; how to use behavioural science to ‘nudge’ the behaviours you want, and how to use data to do this in a personalised way.


The Show Up List – Makers Academy 

24 Mar 2022, 18:30 - 20:30 - Makers HQ - 50 Commercial St, London E1 6LT, UK

Being in the right place at the right time always seems like something left up to chance, right? Well, a massive part of getting the 'chance’ to succeed in your career is showing up. Yet, we still find it one of the hardest things to do. Some of us won’t show up because of fear of rejection, the feeling that we’re not worthy of opportunities, that anything we’ve achieved already was down to luck or timing instead of our talent and qualifications. Does any of this sound familiar? Introducing, The Show Up List.

Makers have created The Show Up List event series with the aim of elevating conversations around personal brand building, and why showing up is the most important thing you'll ever do. Thanks to a range of fantastic speakers, these events will give our attendees the skills and knowledge to enhance their personal and professional confidence to progress in a career in any field.

In their first event our speakers, Stefanie Sword-Williams and Monica Chadha will explore how to manage imposter syndrome by identifying the barriers that are feeding into your self-doubt, how to change, grow and nurture relationships that are supportive and empowering and a whole host of interesting points during the event.