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National Inclusion Week 2021: What Inclusion Means To Us

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This week, we have had a fantastic time learning, recognising and celebrating what Inclusion means to all of us as part of National Inclusion Week. As the leading talent agency in the UK, we understand our responsibility and impact on inclusion in the industries we service and as an employer, we continue to cultivate a workplace with inclusion at the heart.

As #NationalInclusionWeek comes to an end, we’ve put together all the amazing spotlights our people have written to share what Inclusion means to them at Major Players. 

Joe Faulkner, Regional Business Manager- “I’ve learnt that Inclusion within the workplace means a more stimulating and healthy environment! In my eyes inclusivity is non-negotiable  - importantly it’s something that will continue to teach me a lot.”

Abi Street, Internal Talent Manager -"Belonging. Creating a culture where different views, beliefs and opinions are embraced, not judged. Giving everyone the space to feel like they are not only part of the overall narrative but are helping to write the story! Inclusion doesn't happen by accident, it's a deliberate and proactive effort. It's not only the invitation to "get involved" but the trust that, whoever they are, they belong and are heard."

Luke Russo, Senior Talent Partner -“Inclusion to me means that everybody, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability has equal opportunity to be heard and participate.”

Rhianna Ross, Office Manager -“Inclusion to me means accepting and respecting everyone for who they are with no judgment. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, especially within a working environment. It's beyond important that everyone feels and is treated equally no matter their job role. 

As humans we all have it in us whether intentional or not to be selfish, but it’s not always about us, try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes if you end up in a situation of not understanding a person or why they are behaving in a certain way, try and be understanding, be kind always as much as you can and in my opinion it should always be in the forefront of your mind to be kind and understanding towards everyone not just in work but in day to day life. I think it’s important that a standard is set from above and filtered down through the business.”

Lydia Wheeldon, AM2PM Freelance Manager-“Feeling accepted and valued whilst simultaneously being your true and authentic self. 

For me inclusion at work is feeling safe and comfortable with who I am and being confident enough to have a voice. No matter what anyone’s background, experience, level or any other contributing factors, every individual has an equal opportunity to succeed and be supported in the process by the people and culture around them.”

Emma Stephenson, Senior Talent Partner -“To me, inclusion is all about feeling that you can be your authentic self at work and have a sense of belonging which allows you to enjoy your job and thrive as a result.”

Jamie Short, Associate Talent Partner -“What inclusion means to me - is to love, embrace and encourage diversity welcoming the fact that everyone is different with their own strengths, flaws and backgrounds. Giving equal access and opportunities in life no matter what race, gender, disability or sexuality you are.”

Joel Witter, Associate Talent Partner -“Inclusion to me is like a puzzle, made up of various pieces with different shapes, colours, and places in life, however, no matter how different we all are, we all have a home amongst each other and no one piece ever feels out of place and when you see it all together its unique makeup is wonderfully different, but we’re all part of the bigger picture.”