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Why Major Players are celebrating LGBT+ History Month

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LGBT+ History Month 2021

LGBT+ History Month is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT history and culture, whilst shining a spotlight on the progress made, and the challenges yet to come. With 2021 being an unconventional year caused by the uncertainty of the pandemic, organisations and groups will be holding all events online. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite events later in the article. This year’s theme is unsung. Given this theme, we sat down with our very own Simon Spencer-Rouen to find out what LGBT+ history means to them, and also who their LGBT+ unsung heroes are!

What does LGBT History Month mean to you?

‘LGBT+ History Month for me is an opportunity to celebrate but also to show gratitude. To be thankful for all the hard work and sacrifice the generations before have made. It is because of them I am able to live the life I have now, as an openly proud gay man. It also reignites my own passion and determination to continue that fight for equality for ALL of our community. I can’t wait to be a part of the history making of the future! Happy LGBT+ History Month!’

Why is it important to celebrate LGBT+ History Month?

‘It is important to celebrate LGBT+ History Month because it is an opportunity to reflect on the journey our community has been on so far! It’s important to reflect on the losses and triumphs but also understand what is still to be done. It’s so important to be reminded of all the monumental strides we have made and the people who have been instrumental in those changes. I also believe, it offers hope to the younger generation that change has happened, is happening and will continue to happen.’

Who is an unsung hero of LGBT+ History Month for you?

‘My unsung hero is Charlie Craggs! She is a London based trans-activist who is fighting for equality for the trans community. She is the founder of Nail Transphobia and is a key person within our community who isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right! The trans community is now where the LGBT community was 40+ years ago and with people like Charlie and the work she is doing, equality for the trans community will be sooner rather than later. She has the support of our community who will continue to strive for equality until we all have equality.’

Upcoming Digital Events To Get Involved In

Queer & Now 2021
Tate - FREE
Monday 1st February (on-going throughout month)

 The events will queer digital curation into a new formation of LGBTIQA+ cultural activism. It will be a chance to celebrate, explore and critique the place of art, museums and creativity in today’s queer culture – uncensored, live and as an international community.

Click here to register


Are you game? LGBT History Month Celebration - FREE
Saturday 6th February at 7pm

Club Kali are celebrating who we are and our achievements. So, in our unique way we’ll laugh, dance, maybe sing and celebrate our diverse identities through interactive games, playfulness and reconnect!

Click here to register


LGBT+ History Month - FREE
Wednesday 17th February at 1pm

Sue Sanders, co-founder of LGBT+History Month, tells the story of how the nationally recognised month was established and how it has developed over time.

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