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In The Spotlight: Social, Content & Influencer

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As part of our ‘In the Spotlight’ series, we are shining a light on our teams at Major Players, finding out more about them and the sectors in which they serve. For our next instalment in the series, we caught up with Simon Spencer-Rouen, who manages our Social, Content and Influencer team, to find out a more about the industry and what we are doing here at Major Players!

Tell us a bit about social, content & influencers, and what your team covers?

Here at Major Players, as a team we cover everything social, content and influencer from executive level all the way to directorship. Whether you’re a Social Media Manager, a Content Editor or a Head of Influencer, we’ve got you covered. We work with household brands, global agencies and start-ups. In terms of social, content and influencers; it’s all the content and social media you see online, ranging from companies, to brands, to celebrities.

What attributes make someone suitable to work in social, content or influencer?

Firstly, you must have a proven track record of successfully engaging with communities and audiences across all social channels. You should also be able to ideate and then successfully execute social, content or influencer strategy that increases and maintains ROI. Having a creative eye and a strategic/analytical mind is also important, as this can help create engaging content, whilst having the data and statistics to back its success. Experience with different Content Management Systems, Social Listening Tools and Content Creation software is vital. Perhaps most importantly, you need to live, breath and love Social - it’s not your usual 9-5!

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing currently?

TikTok as we all know is the platform of the moment. We are finding many brands and agencies looking for candidates who can utilise the potential of TikTok and video content as a whole. However, is about how to maximise the potential of this platform, so you need to be equally creative and analytical to be successful here. Audiences want multi-media content, so being an expert here will make you a sought after talent.

What advice would you give someone thinking of moving into social, content & influencer?

It’s more than just posting on social channels and getting likes and mentions, you need to do research and know your product and market exceptionally well. Be ready to start from the ground up and enjoy the journey. Learn the foundations and grow! Most of all, be creative and passionate about social – with new platforms that are revolutionising the social landscape as we know it, make sure you stay ahead of the curve and be a real expert!

What do you predict for the industry in 2021?

My prediction for the Social, Content and Influencer industry is that brands and agencies will need to be more purpose-driven on their social channels. Today’s audience is more digitally savvy than ever before and they want to see brands not only sell them things but actually stand for something. Whether that be mental health, social injustice, eco-friendly, DE&I etc – be prepared to be held accountable if not! To build a community, you have to embody the community.

Which roles are you recruiting for at the moment?

What aren’t we recruiting for? The following are just a handful of what we have;

-       Senior Social Media Manager

-       Copywriter

-       Social Strategist

-       Social Media Executive

-       Content Strategist

If you'd like to learn more about our Social, Content & Influencer division or how we can help you further, then get in touch with us today.

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