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In The Spotlight: Growth & Performance

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As part of our ‘In the Spotlight’ series, we are shining a light on our teams at Major Players, finding out more about them and the sectors in which they serve. For our next instalment in the series, we caught up with Ed Davidson, who manages our Growth & Performance team here at Major Players.

Tell us a bit about Growth & Performance, and what you and your team covers?

Growth & Performance marketing is a form of marketing that is directly focussed on driving sales or lead generation for companies. It is heavily data driven and often largely implemented through the use of marketing technology. Within performance marketing, you have a range of roles including specialist positions in paid media and search. At Major Players, we work with marketing and media agencies as well as extensively with brands across a range of sectors including e-commerce, travel, technology and fashion.

What qualities make someone suitable to work in growth & performance?

Performance marketers are data driven and tend to be commercially minded. Whilst there is an element of creativity in this discipline, it is often more suited to tactically minded marketers. A passion for driving results and a strong aptitude for data analysis are ideal in this.

What are the biggest movements you’re seeing currently in the market?

At the moment, a lot of companies are employing test and learn methodologies, whereby they look to explore a range of channels to drive customer acquisition or lead generation. In e-commerce, paid social and paid search are typically driving the best results. There is also a growing demand for conversion rate optimisation specialists.

What advice would you give someone thinking of moving into growth & performance?

My first advice would be to do it! This is the area of digital marketing we have seen the most demand for in the past 18 months, so it is a great segment to be a part of. Especially if you consider yourself to be quite entrepreneurial, this area can lead to a really rewarding career!

What are your market expectations for 2021?

I think that e-commerce is going to continue to be a huge focus for businesses. This will, in turn, mean that there will be a greater demand for the top growth and performance marketers to deliver the best results for these companies.

Which roles are you recruiting for at the moment?

Right now, we are recruiting for numerous paid search and paid social specialist positions, as well as some really cool roles in SEO and data analytics.

If you'd like to learn more about our growth and performance division or how we can help you further, then get in touch with Ed today:

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