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Major Players X Treeapp Partnership

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​As part of our drive to be a more sustainable business we are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Treeapp, who aim to improve the world we live in by helping individuals and organisations off-set their carbon emissions through planting trees around the world.

Launched on World Earth Day 2020, Treeapp planted over 600,000 trees across Africa, the Americas and Asia within their first 6 months. 

Did you know? 

•  Over 260,000 km2 of trees were cut down in 2019
•  8,000 species per year are at risk of becoming extinct due to deforestation
•  The equivalent of 69 football pitches are cut down every minute.

Our Pledge

As part of our partnership, we have committed to planting a tree for every qualifying placement throughout 2021. We are also encouraging our talent partners to download the Treeapp and to plant trees for free.

So far, we have planted over 150 trees (as of 11.05.2021) which has impacted: 

  • 92 m2 land reforested

  • 45 tonnes of carbon absorbed

  • 54+ species of trees and animals rehabilitated

These trees have been planted across multiple countries including Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia and Nepal.

For further information visit, where you can plant a tree, for free everyday.