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An update from Major Players - 4th November 2020

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As another lockdown looms here in the UK, it can feel as though we are taking one step forward and two steps back however its important that we focus on the positives, take what we’ve learnt from the past 8 months and continue about our business the best we can. Despite the on-going uncertainty we all face, the demand for talent continues to be paramount for businesses, particularly those transforming their digital capabilities including digital marketing, e-commerce, social, data and tech.

With Christmas campaigns ramping up, the demand for freelancers continues increase steadily and we are seeing greater demand for permanent employees too. This is incredibly encouraging and proves that the green shoots of recovery are germinating for businesses that have adapted well to these challenging times.

This lockdown feels different to March. We know what to expect and many businesses are now prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead. That being said, the spring sunshine has been replaced by the winter darkness, and therefore some may find lockdown 2.0 a greater mental and emotional challenge.

It’s imperative that businesses support and guide their employees to navigate what lies ahead. To help our clients with this, we have recently partnered with Talenteering, providing a range of resources covering mental health, on-boarding and cultivating company cultures remotely.

This also extends to our candidates where they can access helpful resources including: making your CV stand out for the crowd, online interview tips and techniques and how to apply for jobs in a Covid world. We are also still running our Be Awesome Night School which has three sessions left covering reflection & growth, goals for 2021 and building resilience; you can still sign up for them here.

At Major Players we have adopted the business as usual approach and this week welcomed back the rest of our team off furlough. Whilst we are unable to be in our Stukeley office together, having everyone back has provided a monumental boost for the business, remaining connected throughout lockdown is vital for us – for both our success and our wellbeing.

No doubt the next few months will continue to challenge us all and with less interactions and restricted freedoms, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters but now more than ever we must practise kindness. Kindness to ourselves and others.  

If there is anything we can do to support you during the next month, whether you’re looking for a new role, or adding to your workforce or simply looking for help and support, we’d be more than happy to chat through your needs.

In the meantime, we hope that you, your staff and your family and friends remain safe and well.

Joanne Lucy
Managing Director – Major Players