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Thinking of making the move from London?

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For so many of us, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a feeling that the world as we know it has been put temporarily on pause. It’s a far cry from the busy, non-stop lives we are used to and instead this period has afforded many of us the unusual luxury of time.

We now place a greater importance on our health, time and family – not to mention the holy grail of a garden and home office.

If you are a talented Creative or Digital professional who is questioning a future in the city that moulded you (and perhaps chipped away a bit too) - then it’s actually a pretty exciting time. 

Blue-chip brands are increasingly working with agencies outside of London – they are responsible for delivering incredible work at a far more affordable cost. Throughout lockdown Major Players have engaged with world class agencies in cities such as Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh and Newcastle. These same agencies see this transformative time as one of real opportunity – a chance to work with more leading brands, whilst attracting great talent.

The wide spread introduction of remote working means a full-blown and immediate departure from London isn’t even necessary. There simply isn’t a better time to ease yourself into a move, before happily taking the leap and swapping the Central Line for a leisurely lunch break on the beach.

Despite these challenging times, there’s an array of opportunities for those willing to make an exciting move… you’ll probably end up with a bigger back garden too.

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