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Team Spotlight - Paula Carrahar

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Tell us about your experience in the recruitment industry and your career highlights to date.

I set up the first creative team at Major Players in 1994. It was an interesting time as there were far fewer agencies and most of them were independent. Digital barely existed and communication was done only by post, fax or face-to-face. I met and placed some great creatives who I still know now, and I built strong friendships internally and externally that will last forever.

A few years ago you decided to go freelance. How was that? What were some of the projects you worked on?

I had spent 17 years growing Major Players with Jack; we had won awards, developed a fantastic company reputation and done some really groundbreaking work in recruitment. We had also sold the company! It was definitely time for us to have some professional space from each other. Freelance was fun – I was able take on fewer briefs and work more directly with clients on a global scale. I helped to grow and set up some amazing agencies and even produced a couple of short films with actors such as Ben Miles, so I definitely fulfilled a creative itch of my own! Mentoring is also something I really believe in so having the time to do that was and still is very rewarding.

What area of recruitment do you specialise in?

I firmly believe that ideas are the key, so, whatever form they come in works for me. I appreciate a creative mind and love the challenge of finding a clever creative for the perfect role. Being inventive and making great introductions is still the best part of my job.

How has Major Players changed since you were last here?

Major Players is bigger now and the teams feel more energised than ever. The consultants are extremely knowledgeable and there is a positivity and respect in the office that is very contagious. We’re good at giving advice and the conversations are not always about the next job, but more so the right career move.

What are your favourite things to do to unwind from work life?

I have a family now so spending time with them is so important - they grow up quickly! Spinning is something I do often and tennis is a game I like to play at least once a week. I love to travel and am always wearing headphones… listening to music is a big thing for me. At weekends I can often be found cleaning out our chickens or hatching a few of their eggs.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

There is not much people don’t know about me that one of my 8 siblings wouldn’t have already filled you in on! No space for secrets here.