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Major Collective - How To Get What You Want

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Date: Tuesday 12th May 2020
Time:3:00 PM

The Webinar 

Feel like you’re not getting what you want in the workplace? In Lydia’s hands-on workshop, we’ll understand how to move beyond being intimidated by authority through walking through your current challenges step-by-step. We’ll build your self-belief to be taken seriously and develop kick-ass workplace energy. You’ll come away with a new recognition of your own value and the confidence to stand in your power.

About Lydia Amoah

Lydia Amoah is an award-winning business coach, TV presenter and inspirational speaker who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and businesses. At Creative Equals she leads the Accelerate programme, which helps people from multicultural backgrounds create a network and grow from training in the advertising and media industries. Lydia is also our Lead Trainer and delivers a vast suite of training courses, ranging from Unconscious Bias to Code of Conduct sessions.