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A Guide To Working With Freelancers Remotely

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As working conditions continue to change amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, Major Players have created this short guide to assist companies who are working with freelancers remotely. Although we've seen a change in the demand for permanent roles, the need for freelance recruitment is still in demand. If your regular office-based freelancers are now working from home, we understand it is also a very different scenario to how you would normally operate and manage them. Should you be in the process of onboarding or managing freelancers, this checklist provides you with effective tips on how to communicate and operate with them remotely. 

  • Ensure that the freelancer has all the necessary contact details of their line manager/ point of contact. Emergency contact details will need to be shared too.

  • Set up the freelancer with all relevant email addresses to receive/ send files and briefs.

  • Ensure that the freelancer has access to all the relevant software, platforms and  accounts on their computer to complete the necessary work.

  • Be as accessible as possible via phone, email and video call. Communication is key when working remotely.

  • When confirming a freelancer, it is important to outline your company’s working hours.

  • Each morning, you should agree on check-in points throughout the day. These can be carried out via video call. Some useful calling platforms include Google Hang Out, Instagram, Zoom and BlueJeans.

  • Necessary briefings need to be scheduled in the diary with clear deliverables.

  • Commence daily debriefs at the end of play.

  • Should you need to share equipment with freelancers, there are courier services such as Addison Lee and DHL who are still operating.

  • We ask candidates to keep a tracker of their hours as well as lodging/completing their Major Players timesheet.

  • Should you feel that a freelancer is not performing or communicating accordingly, please let your consultant know immediately in order for the situation to be rectified.

  • We encourage you to please provide your consultant with any feedback relating to the freelancer. This could be anything from their communication efforts, their attitude and performance of work or to the quality of work they produce.