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Recruitment Predictions for 2020

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As the year and decade draw to a close and we enter a new era of the roaring twenties, the modern workplace evolves alongside us too. With new technological developments, industry trends and cultural shifts, we asked some of our managers to tell us their recruitment predictions for the year ahead.


Business Manager
Client Services & Project Management - Permanent

There will be an increase in the need for diversity and inclusion within the workplace. As the nature and framework of agencies change, it shifts the approach of recruitment to “providing solutions for clients as opposed to services”.


Associate Director
Creative Permanent  

Our clients are looking for difference; they want creative people who are not sector specific, have much broader skills and can be recruited into any type of agency. 

Diversity of people is a key selling point. Companies are now after people who have different attitudes and mindsets and come from a range of backgrounds.


Business Manager
Ad Tech 

I predict a big rise in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to engage with and influence audiences. The monetisation of audio platforms – such as podcasts – will also become much bigger in 2020!


Design & Branding - Freelance

Brands are going to continue to bring creatives in-house, as opposed to outsourcing everything to agencies. Smaller more agile agencies will continue to do well as they can offer a more cost-effective solution in comparison to the larger traditional agencies.

I think the lines will continue to blur between advertising and branding agencies as clients ask for a more holistic offering from both.