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Portfolio Clinic with Livity

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Major Players joined forces with Livity, for their first careers event of 2020, to host a portfolio clinic for emerging creatives.

Specialist youth marketing agency, Livity, work as a talent consultancy and creative studio for emerging talent. Providing communities with the opportunity to network and develop their careers, they offer a variety of programmes and schemes that aim to prepare the next gen of creatives for working in a flexible gig-economy. Together, we created the portfolio clinic; where ten of our consultants from various teams offered one-to-one consultations with a diverse collective of freelancers. From copywriting and graphic design to photography and production, our consultants were on-hand to provide valuable industry insight, portfolio feedback and future career advice

Our commercial director Rosa Rolo also gave a breakdown on the process of creating your CV, interviewing for a job and negotiating your salary:


  • Always put your most current and relevant experiences first

  • Clients only need top line information so make sure to always document your job title, dates, role requirements and skills

  • Let your metrics do the talking

  • Mix up the format but make sure it’s mobile-friendly

  • Be present on social

  • Bullet points are great – short, sweet and to the point

  • Make sure to discuss any confidential work with any brands/agencies/accounts prior to publishing or publicly showing prospective employers


  • Keep your communication relaxed and professional with direct eye contact and a friendly approach. The best way to keep your nerves at ease is to be yourself – try make the interviewer smile and laugh so that conversation becomes more casual and natural

  • It’s always important to prepare for an interview by doing your research on the company and the position that you’re applying to. Make sure you know about their competitors, their vision and the things that you could to do solve an issue or add value to the company.


  • Know your worth. It’s a great idea to do some research on your current salary benchmark so that you know what to expect and how much you need to negotiate.

  • Look to the future and think big!