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Employment Law Event 2019

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In partnership with Sheridan's law firm, we hosted our annual Employment Law Breakfast for HR professionals.

The event focused on the latest employment changes within the UK. They discussed the impact that Brexit would have on EU workers, particularly relating to employment visas and settlement schemes. In addition, the implications of a potential no-deal Brexit and the long-term proposals for changes to the UK’s immigration system and what that might mean for businesses in the future.

There was a conversation surrounding workers’ rights, gender pay gaps and extended maternity leave. Discussing the policies surrounding wages and working conditions, it was agreed that employment models are slowly but surely moving to a more progressive and flexible future.

Concluding the event was the topic of harassment in the workplace and how the equality act is continually evolving in accordance with our behaviour and culture. Presenting audience members with real-life experiences and court-case studies, Daniela Koran, (Partner at Sheridans) concluded: “Things are changing and we have to be agile and adaptive to that”.

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