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Accelerating Growth | #Majorstartup Event 2019

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A night dedicated to the start-up world, we hosted our annual ‘Accelerating Growth’ event in conversation with two co-founders from Paddle and HubbleHQ. The night focused on the challenges and expectations associated with a start-up journey.

Our first speaker, Tushar Agarwal (co-founder and CEO of Hubble HQ) spoke about taking risks, learning from mistakes, and ultimately, using both these actions to maximise personal and business growth. Discussions revolved around setting visions and strategies, hiring and retaining the best people, and using the right resources, money, and time to boost positive returns.

“What you think is great or easy to use, may not be for your customers. So the only way to test it is to put it out there and wait for feedback. Learn from that and then build it again, again and again. The speed and resourcefulness of your iterations will determine your fate.” – Tushar Agarwal

We followed with an engaging and interactive live Q&A session with Christian Owens (co-founder and CEO of Paddle). Christian gave a great insight into developing company culture, building client relationships, and combating industry competition.

“Be honest with yourself and with other people about what’s working and what isn’t. Be confident and always ask for help. People are really forthcoming and are willing to give advice.” – Christian Owens

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