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Be Your Best Self - HR Event

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​Has the question “Who HRs the HR?” ever crossed your mind? Be Your Best Self is an evening dedicated to answering just

this. The event is designed to support and guide HR professionals through the demanding and often mentally draining role, offering advice on how HR individuals can maintain energy, focus and drive in such an all-encompassing job.


Liz Nottingham FIPA FRSA, Executive HR Director EMEA at R/GA

How to beat the inner critic and harness your inner mentor

Our sense of self-esteem and confidence can often hold us back when applying for a new job. We may doubt our skills and abilities and believe that we have to tick all ten things on the job description to an Olympic gold standard before we can consider ourselves worthy of an application. Based on the work of Tara Mohr in her book Playing Big, Liz will explore how we dial down our inner critics and dial up our inner mentors.

With an extensive HR background, Liz has a passion for the health and wellbeing of HR professionals. “The human issues we deal with on a daily basis would require supervision in any other helping profession such as counselling and therapy. “Who HRs the HR is a burning question for me”, reveals Liz.

Alison Green Executive Coach and Director at WOMBA

The ‘perfect’ career: how our expectations can get in the way of progression and development

Behaviours that help us early on in our careers can get in the way as we progress. In the session, we will explore our own behavioural drivers with a focus on how to Be Perfect, and how this differs from genders. We will also discuss the implications of the gender pay gap at senior levels.