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Salary Census 2024 Preliminary Findings

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The Creative Industries most anticipated Salary Census is back – and this year, it’s bigger than ever! This year, we received over 3800+ responses, and our preliminary findings draw upon over 146,000 data points – making it the industry's most comprehensive survey on careers, salaries, and workplace trends.

Our full report will be available early Spring, if you’d like to receive an exclusive copy then please complete the form below.


Let’s Talk Money

Let’s talk about the thing at the forefront of everyone’s minds – money.

Interest rates and inflation have been squeezing businesses, while the cost-of-living crisis has meant that many have continued to experience lower living standards for the second year running. As a result, a significant proportion of the workforce are currently feeling undervalued and underpaid, with 53% stating they believe they’re not paid their worth, with a further 20% unsure whether they are or not.

Early data from this year’s Census suggests that although permanent salaries in the Creative Industries grew by 5.5%, it is lower than the UK average of 6.2% as reported by the Office of National Statistics. With over three-quarters of workers earning less than £80k per year, and only 32% of employers contributing some form of cost-of-living provision, many are still feeling the pinch.

Freelancer day rates have seen a greater increase, the largest since the post-pandemic recovery, with an average increase of 8%, equating to £377 per day. This is despite 65% reporting that their day rate had not changed in the last 12 months, suggesting a significant increase for some.


Understanding Your Worth

Our Salary Census is now in it’s ninth year, and our initial aim which remains true today, is to provide individuals (and businesses), with up-to-date salary and day rate information, that empowers conversations around fair remuneration packages.

Benchmarking your salary against industry averages and those of your peers is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides valuable insights into whether you’re being fairly compensated for your skills, experience, knowledge, and contributions.

Secondly, benchmarking helps you gauge your market value – knowing where you stand relative to others in your field, empowering you to make informed decisions about your career path, whether it leads to exploring new opportunities, pursuing further education, or negotiating a pay increase or promotion.

Finally, understanding salary trends can also help you identify trends, high growth areas and specialisations – enabling you to position yourself to capitalise on emerging opportunities.


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