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In The Spotlight: Creative Services

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​As part of our ‘In the Spotlight’ series, we are taking a deeper look at our teams at Major Players, finding out more about them, what they do and the sectors in which they serve. For our next instalment in the series, we caught up with our very own Sereena Shienmar, who manages our Creative Services team here at Major Players.

Tell us a bit about the creative services industry, and what you and your team covers?

Creative services is the glue compartment which often holds production departments together. As clients have become increasingly more varied in their approach to the market, they are seeking account management talent from a more diverse set of backgrounds, including charity, NFP and education, beyond the traditional FMCG route. In addition, independent advertising agencies are continually aiming to replicate successful business models, and are targeting client services account managers who will build teams from competitors with an aim to mimic culture, values, and company ethos.

Here at Major Players, we recognise that creative services is an all-encompassing production umbrella term which includes project management, studio management, traffic management and producers.

What makes someone suitable to work in creative services?

Smooth running creative service teams are made up of individuals who value team work and know the importance of high level communication when driving briefs through to delivery. They are agile in their approach, feel comfortable delegating work where needed and have a strong ability to manage expectations both internally and externally.

What are the biggest movements you’re seeing currently in the industry?

We have seen a demand for candidates with a hybrid skillset within the project/account management and production sphere. There has been a decline in print based roles and digital has led the way in the form of VR, AR, e-commerce and website build campaigns. As brands have invested in-house production, and created more jobs we have seen an increased number of candidates move into this sector and build successful careers.

What advice would you give someone thinking of moving into creative services?

The first thing I’d say would be to get as much transferable experience as you can, whether that means getting work experience, doing an internship, or doing a year in the industry. I would also be sure to keep up to date with the industry, and also keep an eye on all live roles – would recommend using LinkedIn and the Major Players website!

What are your market predictions for 2021?

In 2021, I think there will be a continuation of the trends we’ve seen in 2020, such as agency and in-house teams evolving and growing. As a result of COVID-19, it’s likely two new trends may emerge.

Firstly, the consolidation of agencies or a ‘merger of minds’. This means there is excellent opportunity for bigger agencies to snap up boutiques to bolster their capabilities.

Secondly, we will begin to see a survival of the fittest. So the agencies that have a repeat customer base and excellent reputation for quality will continue to perform well and pitch for new business, and those who have let quality fall by the wayside in recent years will now begin to see the effects of this. Due to recent vaccine developments, there is a promise of normality coming back soon, therefore agencies may experience a sudden increase in client demand in Q2/Q3.

Which roles are you recruiting for currently?

We are currently recruiting for a number of roles for Project Managers, Account Managers, and Resource Managers. Check out our website for more information on these roles!

If you'd like to learn more about our creative services division or how we can help you further, then get in touch with Sereena today:

​Search our live jobs here.